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The nosh ethos is a simple one. Buy the best you can possibly afford, and prepare it in such a way as to respect the ingredients, and let them speak for themselves.
To us this means using fresh local ingredients as much as we can. This cuts down on airmiles and supports local suppliers; but just as importantly, everything simply tastes better! We use organic wherever possible, and happily this is becoming easier on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most important part of our philosophy is eating with the seasons. This means that everything is at its very best. Check out one of our favourite websites:

Here`s a delicious recipe to show you what we mean:

versatile rainy summer soup
This is a quick and easy recipe for Borscht, a tasty beetroot soup with the most amazing vibrant purple colour.

To serve 4
4 cooked beetroots
2tbsp organic Marigold stock granules
1 tsp ground cumin
Salt and pepper


Chop up the beetroots and place in a bowl with the stock, cumin, seasoning and a little water. Now just blitz with a stick blender until smooth. Add water until it`s a nice consistency – the thickness of double cream would be about right. That`s it! The great thing about this recipe is that you can now chill in the fridge for a lovely summer starter, or if the weather continues in typical style, heat through and serve with warm crusty bread. Either way, dress it up with finely chopped chives and some soured cream (if you want to be really healthy; thick yoghurt). The cold version looks especially pretty served in little glasses or cups. You can even leave the puree quite thick, and mix with some hoummus for a fabulous purple dip.As well as being inexpensive, this soup is very low calorie and bursting with vitamins and minerals. And delicious!

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